Jason Ellis – What A Trip

My HoneyDew this week is Jason Ellis! The former professional skateboarder, mixed martial artist, auto racer, boxer, singer, radio host discusses his sexual abuse that began at age 3. For years he believed it was an uncle but during an acid trip, Jason realized his father was the abuser! Jason shares outrageous lowlights about his sexual abuse, drug abuse, sexcapades and we discuss his pansexuality. This was a fun one! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube and watch full episodes of The HoneyDew every toozdee! https://www.youtube.com/rsickler SUBSCRIBE to my Patreon show, The HoneyDew with Y’all, where I highlight the lowlights with y’all! What’s your story? https://www.patreon.com/TheHoneyDew SPONSORS: STITCH FIX Get started today at stitchfix.com/HONEYDEW and you’ll get 25% off when you keep everything in your fix! That’s http://stitchfix.com/HONEYDEW for 25% off when you keep everything in your fix. HARRY’S For a limited time, Harry’s has an exclusive offer for listeners of my show! New customers can get a Harry’s Starter Set and a FREE Body Wash for just $3 at HARRYS.COM/HONEYDEW. That’s over a $16 value for just $3!