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    Carlotta Wood – Voice of The Dew

    My HoneyDew this week is Carlotta Wood! Carlotta is the voice of The HoneyDew and one of my oldest friends. Carlotta’s first episode was audio only but this time she joins me on camera to highlight the lowlights about unhealthy relationships, possessive partners and being stalked. I can always count on Carlotta to make me laugh about the craziness! SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube and watch full episodes of The HoneyDew every toozdee! https://www.youtube.com/rsickler SUBSCRIBE to my Patreon show, The HoneyDew with Y’all, where I highlight the lowlights with y’all! What’s your story? https://www.patreon.com/TheHoneyDew SPONSORS: EXPRESS VPN Use my exclusive link, EXPRESSVPN.COM/HONEYDEW and you can get an extra three months FREE!…

  • Carlotta Wood

    #5 Carlotta Wood

    My guest this week is Carlotta Wood. Carlotta is the first friend I made when I moved to California in 1997 and we’ve been friends ever since. I actually heard her before I saw her. When I told her I was going to use her voice some day, she looked at me like I was crazy. It took me a while, but 22 years later, she’s the voice that introduces every episode of The HoneyDew. She’s not crazy about me using a picture of her with sunglasses but this pic is from a coupla years ago and it’s exactly what she looked like the first time I met her. I…