Brandt Tobler

My HoneyDew this week is Brandt Tobler! Brandt has some legendary CrabFeast episodes and if you took anything away from those episodes it should’ve been that Brandt tried to kill his dad. If you don’t know that story, we get into it and we talk about what’s behind all of that. Brandt came with a list of things to talk about so we cover a lot in this episode. I’ll just share the list he sent because his list says it best. Subscribe, download and review!

Late bloomer with girls
Didn’t know how to masturbate
Getting an STD
Bullying a kid & having him punch me in the face
Sending my GF’s parents porn
Breaking up with a girl while zip lining
Kicking my mom out of my first big show and then having sex in a bed next to her
Getting “cheater” carved in my car by my girlfriend

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