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    Matt Braunger

    Dewers! My #HoneyDew this week is Matt Braunger! You ever date your manager, break up with them but still work with them, go to their wedding, be a friend through their divorce, start dating them again, break up with them again, get back together with them again then marry them? No?? What the hell kind of romantic are you?! Matt…

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    Tom Segura

    My #HoneyDew this week is one of the main mommies, AKA the water champ, AKA the chopper champ, AKA the hat comic, AKA DJ Dad Mouth, AKA Bunz, AKA Tommy Bunz, AKA T-Nutz, AKA Mystic Rick, AKA Teddy Loons, AKA my mom’s favorite comedian, Tom Segura! We talk about some of Tom’s most embarrassing moments! It’s a fun one! Video…

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    Dave Anthony

    It’s mundee! My #HoneyDew this week is co-host of the Dollop, Dave Anthony! Getting punched in the face by your dad doesn’t feel good but neither does being neglected, embarrassed and humiliated by him. Dave shares stories of growing up, growing older, growing wiser and ultimately growing tired of it. Video goes up on toozdee! Subscribe, download & review!

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    Christina Pazsitsky

    It’s mundee! My #HoneyDew this week is the main mommy, Christina Pazsitsky! What do you get when you’re the only child of Hungarian refugees who fled to America for a better life but forget about you? You get a helluva lot of craziness! From her single and ready to mingle dad to her schizophrenic mom, we talk about going to…

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